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This section defines content that will print every page of the report. The page header can contain any band-element aka section. The page header/footer should not contain dynamic elements. The page header cannot create page breaks. If the combined content in the page header and page footer is larger than the space for a single page or no other content can fit on the page after the page header has printed and space for the page footer has been reserved, the report processing will fail.

As with every section, the font settings for this section are inherited to the sub elements without an own font definition.


Report Section

XML Syntax


Page Header


Prints before any content is printed on the page.

Page Footer


Prints after the last content for the page is printed. The page footer is always positioned at the bottom of a page, regardless how much space of the page is filled.

<pageheader height="72" alignment="left" font="Arial" fontsize="12">
  <label height="25%" width="100%" alignment="left" x="0" y="0">First Line</label>
  <label height="25%" width="100%" alignment="left" x="0" y="25%">Second Line</label>
  <label height="25%" width="100%" alignment="left" x=0 y="50%">Third Line</label>


<pagefooter alignment="left" font="Arial" fontsize="12">
  <label height="18" width="100%" alignment="left" x="0" y="0">First Line</label>
  <label height="18" width="100%" alignment="left" x="0" y="18">Second Line</label>
  <label height="18" width="100%" alignment="left" x=0 y="36">Third Line</label>

Detailed Attributes

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