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  • 09. Displaying the Chart
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The drawable-field

Use the drawable-field to display the chart in the report.

<drawable-field dynamic="true" x="5%" y="35" fieldname="BarChart"/>
<drawable-field x="5%" y="35" fieldname="LineChart" height="400" width="600"/>
<drawable-field dynamic="true" x="5%" y="35" fieldname="PieChart"/>

Using the drawable-field, then in the chart expression's properties, the property "useDrawable" should be set to true. If the useDrawable property is not present, the default value is true.

The imageurl-field no longer supports rendering the output from a chart expression!

The imageurl-field used to be the prescribed element for chart objects in a JFreeReport. This is no longer the case, in fact the imageurl-field no longer supports displaying the output from a chart expression. You should change any and all reports that attempt to use imageurl-field to use drawable-field.

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