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The Pentaho Report Design Wizard is available for download on Sourceforge at as a compressed zip file.


Unzip the Report Design Wizard archive to a location you can remember. For example, a good choice, on Windows, may be C:\pentaho-reportwizard. From this point forward, the installation path is referred to as {WIZARD-ROOT}. Pentaho recommends that to follow this documentation, you must install the Pentaho sample data available from Sourceforge at The sample data zip file contains Hypersonic database that you must start by clicking the start-hypersonic.bat (Windows) or (*NIX). The Hypersonic database is referenced throughout this documentation.


The Report Design Wizard is distributed as a zip archive and comes pre-configured; other than unzipping the archive, there is no installation process or configuration required.

If you are using JNDI  edit {WIZARD-ROOT}/ resources/solutions/system/simple-jndi/ A sample entry is shown below:


SampleData is the name of the JNDI connection being set up; all of the name/value pairs configure the pertinent connection information. The */type setting allows JNDI to recognize what is being managed — in this case, a SQL datasource. The */driver setting is the JDBC driver class name for the database being accessed. The */url is the JDBC connect string, the example shown above is for a Hypersonic database server running locally. The next two settings are the user's credentials for logging in to the database if required.

Database driver setup only requires that the drivers be located in the {WIZARD-ROOT}/lib/jdbc directory. A Hypersonic database driver is included with the Report Design Wizard under {WIZARD-ROOT}/lib/jdbc. Additional drivers may be dropped into this same location and are picked up by the application automatically. 

The easiest type of connection to create is an XQuery connection. Using an XML data-file and a query you can walk through the wizard and generate a report-spec. There is an XML data-file in {WIZARD-ROOT}/samples/data called Quad_Data.xml.  This file contains the same data that is in the Hypersonic database.


To launch the Report Design Wizard, use the included launch scripts (reportWizard.bat on Windows, for Linux, and for Mac).

The starting point allows you to create a report from scratch or to work on an existing report.  The Report Design Wizard supports templates that are pre-defined report definitions (layouts) for specific types of reports (for example,  Customer Invoices) and require the user to enter 'mappings'.

The Report Name field is used to set the name of the report in the JFreeReport XML definition and as a file name to create in the temporary Pentaho solution path while generating previews.  When a report is exported, several files are copied to the specified path.  These files are the JFreeReport XML definition, the Pentaho Report-Spec document, images used by the report (watermark), and the action sequence document necessary to run the report by the Pentaho Solution engine.

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  1. Anonymous

    Can this wizard run under w2k server?

  2. Anonymous

    Can this wizard run in IBM WASD 5.1.2. I would like to connect IBM DB2 database,how it would be possible

  3. Anonymous

    I don't see any sample data package at\\


  4. Anonymous

    Ah, I see the sample data now.  You have to go to:

  5. Anonymous

    I don't see any Hypersonic.bat file in the zip file downlaoded

  6. Anonymous

    Can it run within a IBM websphere portlet?

  7. Anonymous

    The reportwizard are included in the Report Designer. Could be nice to know if you already have that tool installed.

  8. Anonymous

    It would be nice if the paged would scale down to the width of my brower. Scrolling left and right is boring.

    Firefox 3.0.1 on Windows XP (1280x1024)

  9. Anonymous

    Postgresql Users:

    Do use postgresql, you need to add the postgresql jar to  <install-directory>\ReportDesigner\lib\jdbc folder

     You will then be able to select the driver when adding a new JNDI.

  10. user-e1236

    Some comments for Pentaho newbies:

    First of all, Pentaho Design Wizard is a legacy application, but it's yet available for download.

    • Report Design Wizard (RDW) download URL in this page is wrong, because it point to Report Designer. Distributions of RDW are available in under folder "Report Design Wizard (Legacy)".
    • Last version of RDW downloadable at previous URL has four steps, but images on this wiki shows seven steps (I suppose they may be based on an old version)
    • Some pages of this wiki refers to RDW both as an Eclipse plugin, and as a standalone application. RDW as an Eclipse plug-in, was distributed as part of Pentaho Design Studio (an Eclipse application) up to its 1.7.1-stable version. So, download URL of RDW as an Eclipse plugin is:
      Current version of Pentaho Design Studio (4.0.0-stable, at the time of writing this) doesn't pack this plugin.
    • Currently it's not necessary to download and install sample data as a Pentaho separated product, because it's packeged and deployed with Pentaho BI Server. So, if you have installed Pentaho BI Server (version 4.8.0-stable at the time of writing this), then you have Sample Data installed.
      If you want to run HSQLDB server without running Pentaho BI Server there two scripts in BI Server to do this: data/ and data/