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(minus) Important: The most current version of the Report Design Wizard does not contain this step. See Post Wizard Steps in the following document

This step is valid for reports that are being created from a template only.  When using a template report you must provide the wizard with values for certain labels that may appear in the report.  Templates also have custom headers/footers that reference certain columns from the query.  Since the template cannot assign a column name; you must provide that mapping in this step.

In the sample above, you are setting the Report_Title Mapping Key to the Product Line Report.

There are three different types of mappings.  A label mapping is a straight text replacement used for display purposes only.  An item or detail mapping is used to map a column that appears in the items section of the report.  A group mapping is used to setup report groups.  When the report groups are mapped, the wizard automatically updates the report to use the desired columns as groups.


  1. Anonymous

    why i can't type anything in text box?? it's locked... can anyone help?

  2. user-27a17

    On 2.0.0 RC1, I'm stuck in the step 2 "Query Details". Indeed I'm clicking on next button, i've got the waiting icon if I stay on the next button but if I move the mouse the wait icon is replaced by the arrow and there is no activity.

    Os : WinVista

    JDK : 1.6.0_10

  3. user-8a747