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  • 3. Deploying Reports into the Pentaho BI Platform
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The publish feature allows you to deploy your report to a Pentaho Solution path or to a folder of your choice.  The files exported are the JFreeReport XML, an action sequence, the report-spec, and a data source file, if used.  If you export to the Pentaho Samples, your report appears as a solution in the PCI  when it is restarted or re-published. 

There are two publish options, to location or to server.  If you have an running application server with the Pentaho Web application running you can publish directly to the running server.  Additionally, if your server is running JBoss you can have the server automatically generate a JBoss JNDI data source for you.

If you are publishing against the open source server must enter the server's publish password only, which is located in publish_config.xml in pentaho-solutions/system.  You do not need to enter user ID or password when publishing to an open source server as there is no additional security.

When publishing to the BI server must supply a valid user ID, password,  and system publish password.

Publishing a report from the Report Design Wizard to the Pentaho BI Web Application.

The report (action sequence) is now available in the sample solutions.

After selecting the report, the query is run and the report generated it is displayed here as HTML.

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  1. Anonymous

    is the publishing available in the open source version?

  2. Anonymous

    Of course.

  3. Anonymous


     I tried every Report Designer version in Linux and Windows and cannot see the publish button.
    The BI Platform is configured correctly. I tested some examples with success.

     Is there any configuration needed to make the publish button appear?