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  • ReportDesigner 2.0 TODO List
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TODO list (2.0 branch)

should implement (in no particular order):

  • support new file format
  • integrate new charting API and convert old charting stuff to new charting API (allow inline editing of charts like changing the title font etc. by using the regular report designer toolbar)
  • use data factories implemented by the reporting engine
  • add generic inspections based on metadata, many existing inspections can be simplified or replaced by generic inspections
  • support changes made to the reporting model made in the preview pane
  • support showing preview data directly in the elements in the design view
  • support dynamic metadata supplied by data factories
  • rearrange or aggregate toolwindows or support a more flexible view manager (e.g FlexDock or preferably a simple one without too many dependencies)
  • add quality feedback agent like functionality to send bug reports (exceptions) with descriptions of the customer directly to JIRA, inbox or server log.
  • support columns, freeform subreports, OLAP stuff available in the new engine version
  • recent files in menu
  • add common actions to toolbar (change font, background, paint, border, align elements etc.)
  • support wizard element (in case it doesn't work like a regular element)
  • support context sensitive help
  • support to visually select and move edges of elements side by side. This makes changing table like layouts much easier.
  • support to drop more clipboard content types to the design view (image of some formats already work, support more images, URLs to images, SVG, text)
  • support visual drag and drop (copy, move) of elements in structure tree

would implement (in no particular order):

  • create better property editors
    • dropdown palette in color editor directly in property table
    • field chooser as editable combobox directly in property table
    • date chooser with dropdown calendar
    • time chooser with clock
    • formula/styleexpression editors with syntax/error highlighting, code completion
  • SQL query editor supporting syntax highlighting, error detection, code formating for commonly used databases (DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HSQLDB). Implementation might be a challenge, simple keyword highlighting should be easy.
  • configurable menubar/toolbar layout
  • configurable shortcuts (by default use shortcuts also suitable on european keyboard layouts)
  • use ruler units for grid
  • support the zero-configuration dataset bundled in the report designer to minimize configuration frustration for new users
  • add editor dialogs for every element (like paragraph settings in open office). This can be implemented in a generic way using the metadata API of the engine.
  • support to add/edit named styles to elements
  • support styles storable in separate file
  • show undo operation text in menubar
  • add undo stack dialog to undo multiple operations at once (like photoshop)
  • increase startup speed, memory consumption if possible
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