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  • 02. Download the J2EE Deployment Distribution
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The J2EE Deployment Distribution is a package that will allow you to build a variety of different web application archives and/or enterprise application archives specifically tailored for certain application servers. To date, we have scripts to build the following archives via Ant targets:

  • Tomcat 5.x .war file
  • JBoss 4.2.1 .war file
  • JBoss 4.2.1 .ear file

This distribution can be found on our downloads page listed as pentaho_j2ee_deployments.

This is also a good starting place if you are attempting to deploy to an application server not listed. All of the Pentaho files you will need exist in this package; all you will need to do is write your own Ant target, and add the configuration files necessary for your environment.

Our primary application server testing ground has been JBoss 4.2.1. The Pentaho community and the development team would greatly appreciate any feedback - whether it is problems faced or just to let us know you had a successful deployment - regarding deployments to other application servers. Please use the discussion forum at to share your experience.

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  1. Anonymous

    I cant understand this step. I download the pentaho_j2ee_deployments, and after it, when I unpack it, I have some directories but I dont know what can I do with this information.


  2. Anonymous

    I'm having the same problem!  It's very unclear. 

     If you figure it out on your own, please reply!


  3. Anonymous

    Once you upanck you can build a war file. Make sure you have ANT installed and Tomcat. If you go to the next pages it will become more clear.

  4. user-d2809

    I'm not able to locate any download link for pentaho_j2ee_deployments. Has this been removed??

  5. user-d2809

    Ok. Got it for the 1.7.1 version. I was looking for the 2.0.0 version.