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The following document describes a subset of the of the distributions available. For a full list of downloads available, please see the list at:

Source Distribution

The Pentaho source distribution is no longer (as of this writing) being maintained. It was initially created to provide a stopgap until we had a public subversion. Now that we have a public subversion, you should get the latest source from there. Our subversion repository allows anonymous access, and is located at svn://

Java Archive (JAR) Distribution

The Java Archive (JAR) distribution is an archive of the Pentaho platform binary classes and subsystem configuration files. This distribution can be found on SourceForge listed as "pentaho_jars-<version>.zip". The platform Java Archive (JAR) distribution is useful if you want to code to the platform Application Programming Interface (API) in a standalone application, or want to include the classes in your own web application.

Solutions Distribution

The solutions distribution is an archive of sample and test solution documents that can be used as a starting point for your own solutions, and/or can be dropped into your customized deployment of the platform. This distribution can be found on SourceForge listed as "pentaho_solutions-<version>.zip". For more information on how to build Pentaho solutions and understanding solution document schemas, please refer to the Solution Building Guide, which can be found here.

Data Distribution

The data distribution is an archive of several Hypersonic databases that contain all of the application and sample data required to run our pre-configured distributions and solutions. This distribution can be found on SourceForge listed as "pentaho_data-<version>.zip". Download the data distribution if you are attempting to build the platform from source, or are attempting to run the sample solutions.

Styles Web Application Distribution

The styles web application contains the images and cascading style sheets that format the presentation of the platform interface. We separated the presentation into its own web application for easy and maintainable customization of the platform, that won't get overwritten when you upgrade the platform itself. If you want to deploy the platform samples after building from source or need a place to start your own customization, then you should build the pentaho-style.war.

Javadoc Documentation Distribution

The Javadoc documentation distribution is the Javadoc for the Pentaho platform Java classes. This distribution can be found on SourceForge listed as "pentaho-javadoc-<version>.zip".

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