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  • 03. Configure the Sample Data
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This is simple. Download and unpack the pentaho_sample_data-<version>.zip that you can find on Sourceforge.
In the root of the exploded tree, you should see a startup and a shutdown script. To start the database server, run the start-hypersonic (.bat for Windows, .sh for *nix) script. To stop the database server, run the stop-hypersonic (.bat for Windows, .sh for *nix) script.

A suggested directory layout is below:


If you will be building an archive for MySQL, you will need to create databases and users, and you will have to import the sample data. We provide a sample sql file that does all of that:

  1. Grab the file from our subversion repostitory at svn://
  2. Then import the file into mysql like so: mysql> source c:/SampleDataDump_MySql.sql

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  1. user-eed46


  2. Anonymous

    there is no file pentaho_data-<version>.zip for version 1.6.0

  3. user-bef2c

    Changed package name to pentaho_sample_data-<version>.zip

  4. Anonymous

    Sample SQL file doesn't work :

    ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'collate latin1_general_cs default NULL,
      CONTACTLASTNAME varchar(50) collate l' at line 3
    Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

  5. user-985a5

    I Want to put this deploy in a production enviroment... but.. builds always are related with sample data, the fact is that I do not want sample data DB or SampleData DS.  I have nothing related to sample data in my solution repository, neither in DB but if I enter adhoc reporting online, appears a couple of samples, that finally gives a logical error because I do not have sample data installed.

    any suggestions?

  6. Anonymous

    You may have some trouble in MySQL if you don't have InnoDB setup.  There also may be some tables missing from earlier versions of scripts.  You may build a MySQL Repository from Hypersonic to get all of the tables you need.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi, I could not get the file: svn://, it says: "Error * Can't connect to host '': A socket operation was attempted to  an unreachable network.", so how and where can I get the sql file for Mysql?



  8. Anonymous

    also I am using Tomcat 6, I like to deploy pentaho.war under c:\Tomcat 6\webapps, then Tomcat will created a pentaho folder under the webapps as c:\Tomcat 6\webapps\pentaho, so where should I put pentaho-data folder and pentaho-solutions folder? should be in parallel with webapps?



  9. Anonymous

    You can find the MySQL Sample Data Dump by clicking on the following link\\




  10. Anonymous

    I have found the sample data, is in this page:\\

    Best regards,