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  • 04. Configure the Solutions
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You will also need to download and unpack the pentaho-solutions-<version>.zip, which you can find on Sourceforge.

The Pentaho web application will find your pentaho-solutions directory as long as the pentaho-solutions directory is a sibling to the appserver directory.  
A suggested directory layout is below.


An alternative solutions configuration
If the application has trouble finding the sample solutions or if you just want to put the sample solutions somewhere such that the pentaho-solutions directory is not a sibling of your application server"s root directory, you can enter a configuration parameter to point to them.

Here's how to do it: 

  1. Extract the web.xml file (from the .war).
  2. Find the <param-name> element that has the value "solution-path."
  3. Directly after the <param-name> element, enter a <param-value> element, and set its value to the absolute path to the "pentaho-solutions" directory.

Then, rebuild the .war file.

The user account that starts the BI Platform needs to have permission to create directories and files in the pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions/system/content directory. If JBoss is installed as a service, the user account that starts the service needs to have create permissions also.

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