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  • 04. User Subscriptions
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When a piece of content is defined as being subscribable, a subscribe button will appear on the parameter page when a user executes that Action Sequence. For example, assume the HelloEmail sample Action Sequence in the getting-started group was marked as subscribable. When a user clicks on the link to execute HelloEmail, the normal prompt to enter an email address will be presented. In addition, there will be a button labeled "Subscribe" that when clicked shows the subscription options. The user can give it a name, and select a schedule. If they already have subscriptions to this Action Sequence, they can edit, delete or create a new subscription.


A subscription parameter page allows the user to select the parameter values that will be passed to the subscribed to Action Sequence at runtime. They can set parameters like REGION, Department, email address etc. The parameter page is the same one that is displayed when a user is just running the Action Sequence on its own.


After a user has selected the content to subscribe to and setup the input parameters, they select a schedule for it to run. They are presented with a set of friendly schedule names to choose from. These friendly names are pre-defined by the solution administrator and may be different for each piece of content.

Why can't the user create any schedule they want? Allowing that much flexibility introduces a huge amount of uncertainty into the system. A user could, either accidentally or on purpose, run a large report every 5 seconds forever. In most cases there are times that make the most sense to schedule an Action Sequence to run, like after all stores upload their sales figures. In other cases that data may not change for a week or month - so reporting hourly would not make much sense. The solution developer and solution administrator can define as many schedules that make sense for a specific Action Sequence. The users gets to choose from a name that makes sense to them, and the administrator can schedule the run to occur at a time of minimal load.

Subscribe Button

Here is a screenshot of the subscribe button, which appears when an action is subscribable.

Hello World Email Subscription Example

If the user clicks on the subscribe button, the normal parameter page appears, along with the Show Scheduling Options button.

Clicking on the Show Scheduling Options button reveals the Report Name field, the Schedule For pulldown, and a Save button to save the scheduled action.

When returning to this subscription via the above method or via the user subscription page, the user will have the option to run, edit or delete the subscription, and also the ability to add additional subscriptions with different parameters.

When editing the subscription, the user may change any of the input parameters, save the subscription, and also rename or change the scheduling options.

My Workspace - Subscriptions

From the main menu "Go -> My Workspace" users can view, run, edit, or delete their subscribed actions.

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    How do you get a piece of content to be defined as being subscribable?