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Reporting Examples

Navigate one level back up to "Samples" using the breadcrumb menu. Click on "Reporting Examples". This demostrates reporting against relational, olap and XML datasource. Some samples generate HTML, PDF and Excel content using both parameterized and non parameterized reports.

Business Rules Examples

Currently there are two types of business rules supported by the Pentaho, query rule and JavaScript rule. The query rule is simply an SQL query returning rows of data that can be iterated through and operated on by other components. The JavaScript rule lets you script any kind of functionality needed.

Printing Examples

The printing examples show how reports or other generated content can be sent to a printer or print device like a network fax server. The print server must be "visible" to the Pentaho BI Server, not the client.

Bursting Examples

Bursting allows you to break a large task, like delivering reports to department managers, into a simple process that is repeated for each individual case. The rules that determine the cases and the processes for creating the content and delivering it can be customized to meet the requirements.

*Setup Step 1:* Before running any of the examples in this group, make sure you successfully ran Hello World Email in the Getting Started group. This will verify that your email settings are set and valid.

*Setup Step 2:* The test data shipped with the preconfigured install contains dummy email addresses that need to be changed prior to running the samples in this group. Click on step 1 - Setup, which will allow you to edit the data that the query rules will use for mapping regions to managers and email addresses. Change the email addresses to valid addresses and if you like, you can give the managers new names. It is ok to enter the same email address for all managers if you want to have them all go to one (yours maybe) email account.!BurstDesintation.jpg|align=center!
*Example 2*. Burst Using Action Sequence Document uses the Action Sequence document to execute the rule and loop through the list of managers and regions, for each manager, the report engine generates a pdf report for that manager and the email component sends it out. This is good design for quickly building a burst sequence but does not scale well and is not fault tolerant.
*Example 3*. Burst Using Workflow uses the Shark workflow engine to manage generating the report and sending the email. For large bursts, this is a more robust way of managing the intensive part of generation and delivery. The workflow diagram itself is very simple and illustrates the Shark integration. Error handling and deadline handling have been omitted.!WorkFlowEmail.jpg|align=center!

Datasource Examples

The datasource samples are examples of data sets being returned from different OLAP and RDBMS data sources. The current set of examples demonstrate an MDX query, a SQL query and an XML query (XQuery) for data.

Chart Examples

The chart samples demonstrate various chart types displayed with a variety of data. These charts include a bar chart, line chart, area chart, pie chart and a dashboard dial.

Secure Filters Examples

These examples show how to set up security filters for reports. These filters can be used for specifying the valid selections that a user may choose from and for applying security to ensure that an invalid selection is not made. Filters can be user-specific, application-wide, or can be defined report by report.

Analysis Examples

This shows how pivot views can be integrated into Pentaho using JPivot. Pivot views allow users to explore a set of data defined in a multi-dimensional model. Users can drill-down, expand and collapse and move data elements (dimensions).

ETL Example

This example demonstrates Extraction, Transformation, and Loading with the Kettle ETL component.

SVG Example

This example shows how SVG can be used to display data graphically. Firefox 1.5, Opera 8, or the Adobe SVG viewer plug-in for Microsoft IE is needed to view this sample.

Web Service Example

This example demonstrates how to execute a Pentaho Action Sequence as a Web Service. In this example, a query rule is executed and the result is returned as a SOAP message.

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