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The Pre-Configured Installation includes a deployment of JBoss Portal V2.0. This portal is an Open Source implementation of a JSR-168 compliant Portal Server. JSR-168 is a standard for that is supported by many Open Source and commercial Portal Servers. You can navigate to the samples using the menu bar at the top of the screen.
The 'Dashboard' page includes examples that demonstrate drill-thru to a pivot table. You will first have to log into the server. There is a login link on the 'Home' page. You can login as Suzy or Joe. A security filter will be run for the user that you choose, and you will see different regions listed on the 'Dashboard' page.  Once you have selected a region and a department and clicked on 'Update..." you will see a pie chart, some dials, and an embedded report. You can click on a pie chart slice, dial, or row header in the embedded report to pass your selection to a pivot table view.

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