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  • 07. Troubleshooting
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If the charts on the Home page (http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Home)  fail to appear then you will need to verify that the solutions are properly configured. Click on Go->Solutions and then click on Getting Started. The samples in Getting Started will check different parts of the system. Click on them in the following order:

Hello World

Display a text greeting from the platform. If successful, then your solution repository is properly configured.

No 'Hello World...

If "Hello World" does not work and you are accessing it with a URL that does not begin with http://localhost, see Running the Server.

The other likely cause is the server not finding the solutions directory. This usually happens when the solutions path is different from the default path, which is pentaho-demo/pentaho-solutions.

1. Locate the web.xml file, it's default location is:

2. Open web.xml in an XML or text editor.

3. Edit the param-value of the context parameter "solution-path" with the path to your solutions directory.


Hello World Email

Prompts for an email address then sends email from the platform. If successful, then your email server settings are properly configured.

No email message?

If you do not receive an email in a reasonable amount of time (some servers do not forward immediately) or you get an error message, the most likely cause is an improperly configured SMTP server.

Some SMTP servers require that the sending machine is on the same domain or subnet before allowing email forwarding.

Some SMTP servers require that the "from" address is set to a known and valid email address.

Sample Data

Performs a query against the sample database and returns a list of the four regions. If successful, then your database access and sample data are properly configured.

Database Error?

If you get a database error, it usually means that the Hypersonic database has not successfully started. Stop the server as described in Stopping the Server . Restart the server as described in Running the Server . You should see two command (or terminal) windows. Check the one titled "Hypersonic Start" for any error messages.

Once you have tried the Getting Started examples and verified that your installation is configured correctly, there are more samples and examples to try.

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  1. Anonymous

    What should I do if I used localhost:8080/pentaho and only got a "Status 500" error? There is no "Go->Solutions" to begin my troubleshooting. I get the login screen and pick

    I sourced the MySql script and saw the tables being created. Do I need to install jBoss from a tar.gz file or did that come with my Pentaho demo that I received from    Pentaho Open BI Suite, Pre-configured Installation (PCI) - MySQL (164 MB) 

    The errors are basic Java type: NoClassDefFoundError for about 80 java classes starting with this one:



  2. Anonymous

    I am getting the same error as the comment above (500 Error). If anyone can help with that, it would be appreciated.