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  • 2. Creating an Action Sequence With BIRT
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After verifying that the report works in BIRT correctly, we can safely drop it into a Pentaho solution. Copy the BIRT report into {PCI}/pentaho-solutions/samples/reporting. What we need to do now is create a Pentaho action sequence XML document and save it in {PCI}/pentaho-solutions/samples/reporting. This document is made up of several sections: documentation, inputs, outputs, resources and action definitions. Note that the name of the action sequence document must match the <name> XML tag in it. Using the Pentaho Design Studio makes this easy. For complete details on how to use the Design Studio, download the documentation from Sourceforge at,

Documentation; This section allows you to include author information, a description, an icon to represent the action sequence, a help URL and a result-type. For this example, we specify "report" as the result-type.

Inputs; There are two inputs, output-type and REGION. Notice the REGION input is the same name as the report parameter from BIRT. This is important. The output-type in the example below is "html", other acceptable output-types are pdf, fo and fop.

Resources; In this section we define a "report-definition" which points to the BIRT .rptdesign XML file.

Actions; For this example we have only one action-definition. The component-name identifies the Java class that handles the action. For BIRT reports use name "BIRTReportComponent". There are two inputs to this action, the output-type and the REGION. These inputs are defined in the inputs section of the action-sequence document.

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  1. user-f380d


     I want to test Birt report from version 2.3.2 and Pentaho 2.0.0, but I have already problem.

    Erreur : RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - [fr_33] ActionDefinition for BIRTReportComponent did not execute successfully (

    Debug : [fr_21] Starting execute of samples/Reporting/TestBirtReport.xaction (
    Debug : [fr_30] Getting runtime context and data (
    Debug : [fr_33] Loading action sequence definition file (
    Debug : [fr_34] audit: instanceId=96fb2170-2508-11de-98af-dd8b83abea39,, messageType=action_sequence_start (
    [fr_14] Error: BIRT.ERROR_0007 - Erreur à lexécution du rapport

    Unknown macro: {0}

    - The design file has error and can not be run.

    Erreur : RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - [fr_33] ActionDefinition for BIRTReportComponent did not execute successfully (
    Erreur : SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - [fr_27] Action sequence execution failed (

    So I don't understand why in the resource file, we specify a xaction file and not a rptdesign file?????

    And what is this  BIRT-quadrant-budget-hsql.xaction file??


  2. user-24e81

    Please post support questions to the community forum at . Questions posted as Wiki comments are rarely addressed, and will eventually be deleted.