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Created from a post in Reporting Forum by Steven Barkdull.
Yes, you can customize the look of the Adhoc pages! You will have to edit the CSS styles defined in Adhoc Reporting's CSS definition.

If you look at waqr.html, you will see that it includes 3 css files. These files are located at: \pci\jboss\server\default\deploy\pentaho.war\adhoc\styles

The majority of your modification will likely take places in adhoc.css and the poorly named styles-new.css. calendar-win2k-1.css contains styles for the popup calendar. common.css contains styles for the tab control and the ACL editor (the ACL editor is not used in Adhoc Reporting).

Start with styles-new.css. Use the Firebug addin for Firefox to examine specific html elements you are interested in "styling", identify the class name for the html element, and modify the css properties of the class in the style sheet.

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