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Pentaho reporting (Classic engine)  

This is defined on the following page Use+of+TrueType+Fonts

Pentaho analysis viewer (Jpivot)

The PDF output generated by Pentaho Analysis viewer can use custom defined fonts.

1.Download fop from Unarchive and add the 2 scripts from fop_scripts to the main directory. These scripts will allow you to process your own font.

2. To create your own font mappings, use ttfreader.bat (or .sh)  path/fontfile.ttf xmlfile.xml

3. Copy both the ttf font and the generated xml to the pentaho.war/WEB-INF/jpivot/print directory of your web_app

4. Add pentaho.war/WEB-INF/jpivot/print/userconfig.xml. It can be found here

Change the following line to the fontfile.ttf and xmlfile.xml that you generated before
<font metrics-file="arial.xml" embed-file="arial.ttf" kerning="yes">

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