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  • Setting Up Environment to Run Cobertura Reports
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Update file

  • Make sure that the SOLUTIONS_PATH is pointing to you pentaho-solutions folder.


  • Add  pentaho.testlib.dir and map it to ../third-party/test-lib folder
  • Add solution.path and map it to you pentaho-solutions folder

Update build_coverage.xml

  • Add pentaho.testlib.dir in the pentaho classpath
  • Update the pentaho classpathAdd to exclude pentaho-vfs.jar to be loaded twice.

Update ANT Runtime Preferences

  •   From the JBoss Eclipse Menu, go to Window --> Preferences. On left hand pane, expand "Ant" and click on "Runtime"
  •   Click on AddExternalJars and add junit.jar under the third-part/test-lib folder.
  •   Click on "Apply" and "Ok"

Run Cobertura coverage report

  •   Right click on the build_coverage.xml, select "Run As" and select the 3. Ant Buld .. pption.
  •   The ant target we have to select is clean-all and coverage and is this particular order.
  •   Once selected. Click "Apply" and "Run".
  •        The process will start. For all the test, it takes from 9 to 11 minutes. After the process is complete. It will create two folder under the pentaho/build folder
  •        pentaho-coverage -   Contains the coverage report. Open the Index.html ,under the html folder, to view the coverage report
  •        pentaho-tests       -   Contains the Junit test report.  Open the Index.html ,under the html folder, to view the junit report




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