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  • Styling the PCI
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We need to document the following pieces:

  • Styles War
  • Solution folder system/custom and system/custom/xsl
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  2. Anonymous

    would be nice if u add some content....

  3. user-3a4d8

    The style war contains images and stylesheet file used to compose page graphics on pentaho portal.

    Solution folder system/custom contains html files, used in jsp pages and servlet to render the html pages. In those html files are inserted some tags between curl brackets, substituted by code in jsp with part of the page.

    For example, where in html template there is

    Unknown macro: {content}

      is injected by jsp page the page content. With those templates are generated headers and footers of the page.

     Moreover some servlets, as the one used to navigate throw solutions, leverage xsl transformations to obtain the content of html page. Those xsl transformations are containded in solution folder under system/custmo/xsl.

     To make a point of it:

    1. Some jsp or servlet generates the html used for its content creating an xml document and transforming it throw an xsl in solution folder system/custom/xml
    2. Jsp pages or servlets use an html template in solution folder system/custom to generate the html page. In the template, every tag enclosed between curl brackets is replaced by content from system properties or by the page content.
    3. The html generated by xsl transformation or with templates references to images and stylesheets files fond in style war

    I hope I've put some light on it.

  4. Anonymous


    I downloaded the pentaho-1.7GA-windows-opensource-installer.exe, and I'm trying to install it in Windows Vista Home Premium Edition SP1.

    Hardware specs:
    3 GB RAM

    First there's no way to select "Advanced" installation. Is that correct?

    Then, I made the Easy-installer, and it creates Mysql database and Jboss server.

    When the webpage tries to startup via:
    "http://localhost:8080/pentaho", the following error appears:

    I made some workarrounds like:
    1. Trying to install part of the components that are included in the Suite. Doesn't work.
    2. Installed Firefox to use it instead of IE. Doesn't work.

    after all, the homepage isn't working.

    Some help will be appreciated.