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Important Version Information

Subscriptions is a feature that has moved from our Professional version into open source. If you are using the open source version of our platform prior to milestone build 1.5.2, then subscriptions will not be available. To get the Subscriptions feature, update your distribution to the latest release.

This document describes how to use the Subscriptions functionality of Pentaho BI Platform.  It assumes familiarity with the Pentaho BI Platform and Action Sequence documents.  The easiest way to work with a Pentaho BI Server is by installing the Pre-Configured Install (PCI) on your local machine.

Subscriptions allow users to schedule and configure the delivery of content within the platform.  So what does that mean? Scheduling refers to the periodic execution of Action Sequences at selected times.  Configuration is the ability for a user to set the parameters that will be passed to the Action Sequence at execution time.  Delivery is usually via email although this is not a requirement.  Content is the output of BI Processes such as reports, email notifications, exceptions etc.  All of this will be explained in greater detail - but first, a little review and background.

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