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  • Upgrading the BIRT Report Engine in Pentaho 3.0
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Upgrading the BIRT Report Engine in Pentaho 3.0

Pentaho has a plugin to run BIRT reports. As both Pentaho and Eclipse BIRT evolve rapidly and unsynchronised, you may see errors when trying to run BIRT reports from Pentaho Action Sequences. Although support for BIRT reports in Pentaho is not feature complete, the tips on this page willgive you some ways to get your BIRT reports going in your Pentaho server.

Registering the BIRT system listener

In Pentaho >= 3.0, the BIRT plugin is not started with the Pentaho server.
To enable the BIRT plugin, add the line below to pentaho-solutions/system/systemListeners.xml:

<bean id="birtSystemListener"class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.action.eclipsebirt.BirtSystemListener"/>

Upgrade the BIRT libraries

- download the birt 2.3 or 2.5 runtime.
- delete all entries in pentaho-solution/system/BIRT/configuration and pentaho-solution/system/BIRT/plugins
- extract config.ini from your downloaded birt-runtime/ReportEngine/configuration to pentaho-solution/system/BIRT/configuration
- extract everything from your downloaded birt-runtime/ReportEngine/plugins to pentaho-solution/system/BIRT/plugins
- copy your JDBC driver to 20090212/drivers. (actual version numbers may vary)
- extract everything from birt-runtime/ReportEngine/lib to tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib
- remove any old jars for which a new version was added to tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib (for example: you'll have a chartengineapi.jar and a chartengineapi-2.2.1.jar. chartengineapi.jar is newer, so remove chartengineapi-2.2.1.jar).

Decrease the report's version number

BIRT errors may be thrown because the BIRT designer writes a version number in the report file that is higher than the version of the BIRT engine in the Pentaho server. This does not necessarily mean that the report can not be used with an older BIRT engine (e.g. the one in the Pentaho server). You can try decreasing your report's version number by changing the line below (version 3.2.20 is for BIRT 2.5)

<report xmlns=""version="3.2.20" id="1">

to (version 3.2.15 is for BIRT 2.2.1, the version included in Pentaho 3.0).

<report xmlns=""version="3.2.15" id="1">

Post your question in the forums (Community Projects \ Other Reporting Engines) if you can't get your BIRT reports to work...

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