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The pentaho.xml file contains system-wide settings for the Pentaho BI Platform.

Location of the System Configuration file, pentaho.xml

Platform Versions Before 1.6

The system configuration file, pentaho.xml, is located in the ${solutionsdir}/system directory. In versions of the platform prior to 1.6, the system configuration file's name and location are fixed and therefore not configurable.

Platform Versions 1.6 and Later

In version 1.6 and later of the platform, the name and location of the of the system configuration file are configurable. When the platform is starting, it first looks for a JVM command line parameter called PENTAHO_SYS_CFG_PATH. If it finds this parameter, it uses its value as the path of the system configuration file.

Setting PENTAHO_SYS_CFG_PATH and pentaho-sys-cfg-path is not Required

You do not have to set the PENTAHO_SYS_CFG_PATH command line variable or the web application parameter pentaho-sys-cfg-path in order for the platform to find your system configuration file. If neither of these values are set, the platform looks in ${solutionsdir}/system/pentaho.xml for the system configuration file. This behavior is backwards compatible with previous versions of the platform.
The primary purpose of the PENTAHO_SYS_CFG_PATH and pentaho-sys-cfg-path variables is to allow a developer or admin to easily specify alternate system configuration files (usually known as pentaho.xml) to assist in debugging system configuration related issues.

For example, if you are working with the Pentaho Preconfigured Install, you may start the JBoss Application Server hosting the Pentaho platform by running /pentaho-preconfiguredinstall/bin/run.bat. To specify a system configuration file called testConfig.xml, located in C:\test, you would start the platform like this:
run.bat -DPENTAHO_SYS_CFG_PATH=c:\test\testConfig.xml

In addition, you can specify the path to the system configuration file in the application server's web.xml file. If you are working with the Pentaho Preconfigured Install, you can locate the web.xml file in the directory /pentaho-preconfiguredinstall/server/default/deploy/pentaho.war/WEB-INF. To specify the path to the Pentaho system configuration file, add a context parameter to the web.xml file, and give it the name pentaho-sys-cfg-path. Its value should be the path to the system configuration file. For instance:


If the path to the system configuration file is specified both as a JVM command-line parameter, and as a context parameter in the web.xml file, the JVM command-line paramter takes precedence. If the path is not specified as a JVM command-line parameter or as a parameter in the web.xml file, the platform falls back on the default name and location, ${solutionsdir}/system/pentaho.xml

pentaho.xml Format

pentaho.xml must be a well-formed (but not valid) XML document. "Well-formed" means that the document adheres to XML syntax rules. "Not valid" means that the document does not have a document type definition (DTD). pentaho.xml is order-insensitive.

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