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  • 07. Unicode Support
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Unicode is supported by the Pentaho BI Platform. Follow these guidelines for successful translations.

Properties Files

These files will be read as ISO-8859-1 encoded files. To store Unicode characters in these files they must be encoded using Java, \uNNNN, or XML, NNNN;, encoding and stored as ASCII files. You can use a text editor such as SC Unipad ( to edit the Pentaho .properties files and save them in the correct format.

XML Files

These files must be stored with all Unicode characters encoded using XML, NNNN;, encoding.

XSL Files

Unicode characters stored in the XSLs must be stored using XML, NNNN;, encoding. Unicode characters in messages stored in org/Pentaho/ui/ that are used in XSLs should be accessed using msg:getXslString and output escaping should be disabled.


JFreeReport Definitions

Unicode characters in report definitions for JFreeReport should be stored using XML, NNNN;, encoding. In addition the report configuration section should specify that Identity-H encoding and embedded fonts should be used for PDF output.

    <property name="">Identity-H</property>
    <property name="">true</property>

You need to use fonts that support Unicode characters such as 'Ariel Unicode MS'

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  1. user-35a12

    Note that in the current 3.0 release, the files seem to be encoded in UTF-8.