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  • 08. XUL Swing and SWT Tag Reference
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XUL Swing and SWT Tag Reference

*Note:* This section is not yet complete.

Implementation Overview

Roster of Widgets Implemented

This is the list of widgets that have some form of SWT implementation in the current XUL framework. "Some form" means that if you use the element in your XUL document, SOMETHING will show up in SWT. But it is likely at this stage that not all attributes are supported, and possibly the documented functionality does not exactly match the framework's functionality. You can reference the javadoc to determine what attributes are supported.

  • Implemented:
  • Up Next for Implementation:

Please feel free to contribute any components or attributes you may need and have implemented. You can find the location of the source for the framework and the SWT library on the The Pentaho XUL Framework Developer's Guide

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