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  • 10. Publishing a Domain to a Pentaho BI Server
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In order for the Pentaho BI Server to make use of your metadata domain, you must share an XML representation of the domain with a Pentaho solution that your server knows about.

Metadata Domains and the Pentaho BI Server

Today's implementation of metadata within the Pentaho BI Server has some very clear rules you must follow to be sure it operates correctly:

  • There can only be one metadata domain per Pentaho solution,
  • that metadata domain is associated with the solution by placing the XML format of the domain in the root directory of the solution,
  • and the domain XML file must be metadata.xmi.

You can accomplish this by exporting your domain file, and copying it manually to the solution directory of your choice. Or, you can use the Pentaho Metadata Editor's publish feature, if you know the credentials to your server.

Publish to the Pentaho BI Server

Before you attempt to publish, make sure you have the following information available:

  • Has your Pentaho BI Server's publish password been set? Ask your server administrator if you are not sure. This password must be set in order to utilize the server's publish utilities.
  • Do you have a username and password to your Pentaho BI Server with admin access?
  • Do you know the base URL for your Pentaho BI server? This will consist of all URL info up to and includng the web application context. For example, the base URL of the pentaho demo server is *http://localhost:8080/pentaho* .
  • For publishing, you will need to append to the base URL the name of the publish service. The default is RepositoryFilePublisher. This will be the value you will use, unless your server admin has changed the service name.
  • You also need to know the name of the solution that you want to publish this domain to. For example, our demo server ships with two different solutions, the samples solution and the Steel Wheels solution. No slashes are needed.


  1. From the main menu's File menu, select the Publish to Server option.
  2. The Publish dialog displays.
  3. Enter the publish location, which is your solution name.
  4. Enter the web publish URL, which is your Pentaho BI Server's base URL followed by the publish service name. RepositoryFilePublisher is the default.
  5. Enter the publish password .
  6. Enter the administrator username.
  7. Enter the administrator password.

If the metadata.xmi file already exists on the server, you will be prompted to overwrite it.

Troubleshooting Publish

If publishing to the server fails, here are a few things you will want to verify to be sure your information and configuration is correct:

  • Make sure that the publish password is set on the server. You cannoot use the server's publish utility if that password is not set. The publish password is defined in publisher_config.xml in directory pentaho-solutions\system.
  • Verify that your server credentials have admin level responsibility.
  • Do not use a trailing or leading slashes on the server URL, solution name or domain file name.

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  1. user-0b167

    The filename field no longer exists, so this can be removed from the documentation.

  2. user-cf76f

    make sure that the directory (the publish location) you are publishing to in the solutions folder has Write properties on it or you will get an error saying not authenticated even when you are using the right usernames and passwords.

  3. user-264fa

    If your model is greater than 10 MB, the publisher would again throw an error as the RepositoryFilePublisher currently has a maximum upload limit of 10 MB hardcoded, then the next option is to copy the model in the solution folder!