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This action sends text or HTML based emails that may contain attachments. If the data type of the to parameter is property-map, then the map is assumed to contain the name value pairs for to, subject and from. The parameter attach should contain the name of a parameter of type content that contains the attachment. attach-name is the file name that the attachment will appear to have when opened by the email client.

Component Name: EmailComponent


To - The recipients email address.
Subject - The email subject line.
Text Message - Plain text message body.
HTML Message - HTML message body.

From - The email address of the sender. If not specified, the default from "email_config.xml" will be used.
CC - The email address of carbon copy recipient.
BCC - The email address of blind carbon copy recipient.
Attachment Name - The name of the attachment as displayed in the email.
Attachment - The content to be attached.

Outputs: None

Component Definitions:

attachment-ref -- defines an attachment to be included in the email.  attributes include name-param, which specifies the name of the attachment, and resource-param or input-param, which specifies the attachment object.


The underlying action sequence XML for the email action supports providing the "To" address in the form of a property-map. In this case, the map is assumed to contain the name value pairs for to, **subject, and **from inputs. This functionality is not supported within the Design Studio.

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