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Line Chart

The line chart plots a set of values on a line for each series in the given dataset.

Dataset Guidelines

This chart expects its data as a categorical dataset.

Required Properties

The only property a line chart requires is the appropriate chart-type.


The example below contains the full set of additional supported properties with comments on its purpose and valid values.  It is recommended that new users start with this example as a starting place for building your first flash chart.


The following chart definition will produce the chart in the example below.

  <!-- Define the chart type -->

  <!-- Specify the title of the chart -->
  <title>Chart Title</title>

  <!--  Line Chart properties -->
  <dot-style>hollow</dot-style> <!-- values: dot, normal, hollow -->

  <!-- General Chart Propeties -->
  <chart-background type="color">#FFFFFF</chart-background>
  <plot-background type="color">#FFFFFF</plot-background>

  <!--  X-Axis properties (domain) -->
  <domain-title>Domain Title</domain-title>
  <domain-color>#000000</domain-color>  <!-- color of x-axis -->
  <domain-grid-color>#CCCCCC</domain-grid-color>  <!-- color of vertical grid lines -->
  <domain-stroke>1</domain-stroke>  <!-- thickness of x-axis -->

  <!--  Y-Axis properties (range) -->
  <range-title>Range Title</range-title>
  <range-minimum></range-minimum>  <!-- defines minimum starting point for y-axis range -->
  <range-maximum></range-maximum>  <!-- defines maximum ending point for y-axis range -->
  <range-color>#000000</range-color>  <!-- color of y-axis -->
  <range-grid-color>#CCCCCC</range-grid-color>  <!-- color of horizontal grid lines -->
  <range-stroke>1</range-stroke>  <!-- thickness of y-axis -->
  <range-steps>8</range-steps>  <!-- specify number of ticks, defaults to auto-calculated number -->

  <!-- Specify the color palette for the chart series-->


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