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Pie Chart

The pie chart plots a single value per series in a pie shape.

Dataset Guidelines

The pie chart dataset typically contains two columns. The first column's values are the series names, and the second column contains the data values. If the dataset has multiple rows for each series, the row values will be aggregated, so that each series appears only once in the pie.

The pie chart also supports the by-row property, meaning that the dataset can be row based. In this case, you may have multiple numeric columns in your dataset, whose headers will become the series names, and the data values would aggregate across the rows to formulate the series value.

here is a sample pie dataset:





Executive Management




Human Resource


Marketing & Communication


Product Development


Professional Services


Required Properties

The only property a pie chart requires is the appropriate chart-type.


The example below contains the full set of additional supported properties with comments on its purpose and valid values.  It is recommended that new users start with this example as a starting place for building your first flash chart.


The following chart definition will produce the chart you see below:


  <!-- Define the chart type -->

  <!-- Define title and title formatting -->
  <title>Chart Title</title>

  <!-- General Chart Propeties -->
  <chart-background type="color">#FFFFFF</chart-background>
  <animate>true</animate>  <!-- turns on or off animation of pie -->
  <alpha>.90</alpha>  <!-- sets the transparency of pie slices -->
  <start-angle>0</start-angle>  <!-- sets the angle from which the pie begins rendering -->

  <!-- Define what to display in hover tips -->

  <!-- Specify the color palette for the chart -->


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