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Actions are the workhorse of any action sequence. Each action in an action sequence is responsible for describing a particular type of task to be performed by the Solution Engine. For example a SQL Query action will describe a SQL query to be performed, the JNDI or JDBC connection to use, and the name of the action output where the query results are to be stored. Behind each action is a component that performs the action. Components are server side Java classes. As the Solution Engine processes each action in an action sequence it executes the component that performs that type of action. In many cases there is a one-to-one correspondence between an action type and the component that performs the action. For example the SQLLookupRule is a component that only processes SQL query actions. However, that is not always the case. For example the UtilityComponent can perform multiple types of actions.

Like the action sequence itself, each action within the action sequence has a list of inputs and outputs. The action input parameters describe to the component how to perform the action. Each action in the Pentaho BI Platform has unique and specific inputs must be correctly specified. They also have optional inputs and definitions.

The outputs define what parameters will be available in the runtime context when the component has finished executing. Other actions/components that execute later on can use these outputs as inputs. This section describes many of the available actions along with their inputs and outputs.

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