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  • Metadata datasource storage in JCR
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Metadata Datasource JCR specification.

Metadata datasources and associated locale files are stored in JCR under /etc/metadata/<file> where <file> is a JCR node containing the metadata schema. Since Domain IDs are the unique identifier for Pentaho Metadata domains and may contain any character (including repository folder separator character(s) like '/', a UUID is created to store each file. The metadata for the file will be used to store the information (such as the Domain ID).The JCR node also contains the following properties:

1. domain-id

    Domain id associated with this file.

2. file-type (domain|locale)

    Specifies if the file is a metadata schema or a locale.

3. locale

    The locale associated with this file (or null for a domain file).

Metadata Datasource Import API.

pentaho-platform-extensions project.
Registered handler in the platform to process metadata schemas.
Interface that defines the API of the importer.
Concrete implementation for the metadata importer.

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