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PentahoSpinner is a thin wrapper around spin.js that we add some generic configurations for small, medium, and large spinners. For doc on spin.js check out

Example usage:


      <div id="spinnerContainer" style="height: 32px; width: 32px;"></div>

    pen.require(['common-ui/util/PentahoSpinner'], function(spin) {
      // var config = spin.getSmallConfig();   // 16x16 spinner config
      // var config = spin.getLargeConfig();   // 48x48 spinner config
      var config = spin.getMediumConfig();

      // override the color
      config.color = "#555";

      // override the starting top location = "-8px"

      // spin.js's Spinner object has been included for us by the pen.require call to PentahoSpinner above
      var spinner = new Spinner(config);

      // show the spinner in your div


      // hide the spinner

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