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  • Re-Applying Default ACL
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Warning: Note that steps below will remove any ACL management that has been done via the Permissions interface!

A "default ACL" is a single access control list (ACL) that is applied to all directories in a Pentaho solution repository on the first startup on the Pentaho BI Server. (The default ACL is copied to each directory--it is not shared among all directories.) After the default ACL has been applied (by starting the server at least once), ACLs can be managed via the Pentaho User Console.

Because ACLs are published the first time you start the platform and because the default ACL might not meet your needs, you might wish to re-apply a different default ACL to solution repository objects. To do this, follow the steps in the applicable scenario below but understand that these steps will remove any ACL management that has been done via the Pentaho User Console.

  1. Edit the default-acls node in pentaho.xml.
  2. Restore the repository.
    1. Option 1: Pentaho Admin Console
      If you have changed the Pentaho admin role, skip to the next step.
      1. Open Pentaho Admin Console.
      2. Open the Administration tab, then the Services tab.
      3. Click Restore under the Solution Repository.
        Restore button

    2. Option 2: Manual
      1. Stop the Pentaho BI Server web application (if it is running).
      2. Make sure the database server with the database called hibernate is running.
      3. Switch to the hibernate database (for instance if you are on MySQL, this would be USE hibernate;)
      4. Execute SQL:
        The dropped tables will be re-created when you start the platform.
      5. Start the Pentaho BI Server web application.
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