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Performs relational database queries using SQL.

Inputs and Outputs

Database Connection Type - Specifies the type of connection to be used to connect to the database.

  • JDBC - Connect using a standard JDBC connection. You must provide the following inputs:
    • JDBC Drive - Name of the JDBC driver class to use when connecting to the database.
    • Database URL - The database connection URL.
    • User Name - The user name associated with connecting to the database.
    • Password - The password associated with connecting to the database.
  • JNDI - Connect using the specified JNDI name.
  • Shared - Connect to the database using the named shared connection. See the Shared Relational Connection action for further details.

Result Set Type - Specifies the type of result set to use when returning the query results. The options are:

  • Live Result - The query results are fetched from the database server on an as needed basis using a data set cursor. This is the preferred option when the data sets being returned are expected to be large. Performance is slower but memory usage is reduced.
  • In-Memory Result Set - The query results are returned in their entirety from the database server and cached on the BI server.

Query - The SQL query to be executed.

Run Query - Determines when the query is to be executed. The options are:

  • Immediately - The query is run immediately by the BI server.
  • From Pentaho Subreport - The query is prepared for execution, with the intention of being run later in the action sequence by a sub-report in a Pentaho Report action.

Result Set Columns - The names of each of the columns in the resulting data set. You must enter the names in the order in which they will appear in the data set. The column names must be provide only if a column will be referenced by name in the action sequence.  Actions placed in a loop on the result set can use these names.  See the BurstActionSequence.xaction example in pentaho-solutions/samples/bursting for more information.

Result Set Name - The name of the resulting output dataset. Following actions can refer to the data set using this name.

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  1. user-496af

    How is this different from Execute - SQL Commands?