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  • Single Sign-On with MS Active Directory
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Single sign-on (SSO) allows a user to authenticate then request secured resources from members of the SSO system without subsequent re-authentication. This page contains a link to an article written to help Pentaho Community Edition users who would like to:

  • use Pentaho in a Single Sign On environment (sign in once to access multiple enterprise applications)
  • use Microsoft Active Directory server to maintain their Users and Roles

Just like CAS, Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) is a Users and Roles repository that speaks LDAP protocols and therefore quite possible to be used to supply SSO capability to the Pentaho BI Server.  Written with the help of the Pentaho community accessible via irc channel #pentaho, this document specifies the necessary modifications to connect Pentaho BI Server 3.6 Community Edition to an existing MSAD installation.