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  • Introduction to Pentaho Analysis
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Pentaho Analysis consists of the BI Server and the following client tools and add-ons:

The BI Server can be built as a standalone WAR that can be deployed to an existing server, but it is typically bundled by Pentaho with the above-listed tools, plus the Apache Tomcat application server version 5.5, and the MySQL relational database version 5.0. This forms a self-contained, Web-based framework for managing and creating business intelligence solutions.


Pentaho Analysis offers the following functionality:

  • The Pentaho User Console Web interface, which enables easy management of reports and analysis views.
  • A real-time analysis view interface that allows you to drill down into properly prepared data.
  • A complex scheduling subsystem that enables users to set analysis views to execute at given intervals.
  • The ability to email a published analysis view to other users.
  • The ability to create complex analysis schemas.
  • The ability to improve ROLAP cube performance with Aggregation Designer.

What's new in 3.0.4

  • Support for Teradata 12.0 (including Grouping Sets)
  • Improvements to calculated member solve order
  • Drill through support for calculated members
  • Bug fixes
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