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  • Publishing an Analysis Schema Using Schema Workbench
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Publishing an Analysis Schema Using Schema Workbench

You can publish an analysis schema you created using the Schema Workbench on the Pentaho BI Platform. Follow the instructions below to publish your analysis schema:

  1. First, open the Mondrian Schema file you want  to publish in the Schema Workbench.
  2. To begin the publishing process, in the Schema Workbench go to File > Publish. If you have not saved your schema a warning message appears.

  3. In the Repository Login dialog box enter the appropriate information and credentials to log on to the the BI server. You must provide the server's publish password, which is located in publisher_config.xml in pentaho-solutions/system, and valid Pentaho user credentials (User ID and Password).

  4. After logging on to the server, in the Publish Schema dialog box, select the appropriate location to publish your schema. If you are not sure where to publish the schema, click the browse icon to display a tree view of the entire solution repository.

  5. In the JNDI Data Source field, enter the JNDI name. This JNDI name must already be configured correctly on the server.  If you provide an invalid JNDI name, the Mondrian file is placed in the Pentaho's Solution Repository, but the pentaho-solutions/system/olap/datasources.xml file is not updated, and the schema will not be available as an XMLA service.
  6. Click Enable XMLA Data Source if you want your schema exposed as an XMLA Web Service.
  7. Click Publish.  The Mondrian schema file is uploaded to Pentaho's BI Server, and the pentaho-solutions/system/olap/datasources.xml is updated to include the new Mondrian DataSource.  If successful, this schema appears in the New Analysis View dialog box in the Pentaho BI Server, and if enabled, is also available as an XMLA service.

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  1. user-2207a

    Hopefully this may be of use. I'm currently setting up Pentaho connecting to Oracle. To get the oracle driver as an option here, I added the ojdbc jar to:

    $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib directory



    This then gave me the option, and allowed me to create a datasource to the Oracle DB