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  • 04. Creating Business Tables and Columns

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  1. First, you must make sure you have the business model that you want to add this new business table to selected in the Tree Navigator. You can be sure it is selected if you see the name of the model at the top of the Graph canvas.
  2. Next, right-click on the Graph, and select the New Business Table... option from the popup menu.
    Follow the instructions above (for creating the table from the Navigator Tree), starting at step 3.
    titleShortcut for Creating Business Tables

    A nice shortcut! Drag the physical table from the Navigator Tree to the Editor Graph canvas to create a new business table based on that physical table.
    Another shortcut is to drag the physical table in the Navigator Tree to the Business Tables node in the tree, which will also create a new business table based on that physical table. NOTE that in the M4 milestone, this shortcut is broken... sorry, soon to be fixed!!

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