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4 Using the Weka Forecasting Plugin

Once the forecasting plugin step is installed, and Spoon has been restarted, the Weka Forecasting step can be found in the "Transform" folder in the "Design" tab.

In this section we will demonstrate using the model developed on the Australian wine data in Section 3.1.1 of Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with Weka. This forecaster modeled monthly sales of the "Fortified" and "Dry-white" series. The following simple transformation loads the wine data and passes it to the Weka Forecasting step. Subsequent sections explain the configuration options for the step and the output that it produces. Image Added

4.1 Loading/Importing a Forecasting Model

Conceptually the UI for the Weka Forecasting step is set out in a similar fashion as the Weka Scoring plugin. The Model file tab allows a model to be loaded from the file system and configured for forecasting. Image Added