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  • Transforming Data within Hive in MapR

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The source data for this guide will reside in a Hive table called weblogs. If you have previously completed the Loading Data into MapR Hive guide, then you can skip to #Create a Database Connection to Hive. If not, then you will need the following datafile and perform the Create a Hive Table] instructions before proceeding.
The sample data file needed for the #Create a Hive Table instructions is:


NOTE: This task may be skipped if you have completed the Loading Data into MapR Hive guide.

  1. Open the Hive Shell: Open the Hive shell so you can manually create a Hive table by entering 'hive' at the command line.

  2. Create the Table in Hive: You need a hive table to load the data to, so enter the following in the hive shell.
    Code Block
    create table weblogs (
        client_ip    string,
        full_request_date string,
        day    string,
        month    string,
        month_num int,
        year    string,
        hour    string,
        minute    string,
        second    string,
        timezone    string,
        http_verb    string,
        uri    string,
        http_status_code    string,
        bytes_returned        string,
        referrer        string,
        user_agent    string)
    row format delimited
    fields terminated by '\t';
  3. Close the Hive Shell: You are done with the Hive Shell for now, so close it by entering 'quit;' in the Hive Shell.

  4. Load the Table: Load the Hive table by running the following commands:
    Code Block
    hadoop fs –cp /weblogs/parse/part-00000 /user/hive/warehouse/weblogs/