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Control File

Indicates the path and filename of the control file if you want to execute an existing TPT control file.

Substitute Kettle Variables in Control File

Indicates that when the job script file is read, the TPT_FIFO_FILENAME variable is populated with the FIFO Base File Name indicated in the General tab. For this step to work properly, the ${TPT_FIFO_FILENAME} variable must be added to the job script file as shown in the example.

Code Block

Note: Modify "FileName" in the example above to reflect the name of the file name variable in your script.

Tbuild Variable File

Indicates a local job variables file.

Enter Mapping



Source fields

Indicates unmapped fields that are from the source table.

Target fields

Describes the fields in the target table.


Displays the mappings made between the Source and Target fields.


Adds the Source-Target mapping to the Mappings panel.


Removes the Source-Target mapping from the Mappings panel.

Auto target selection

Indicates whether to automatically select the target.

Auto source selection

Indicates whether to automatically select the source.

Hide assigned source fields

Indicates whether to hide the already mapped source fields from view.

Hide assigned target fields

Indicates whether to hid the already mapped target fields from view.


Saves mappings and closes the window.


Automatically generates mappings for you.


Closes the window without saving the mappings.