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How to read data from a Hive table, transform it, and write it to a Hive table within the workflow of a PDI job.


In order follow along with this how-to guide you will need the following:

  • MapR
  • Pentaho Data Integration
  • Hive

Sample Files

The source data for this guide will reside in a Hive table called weblogs. If you have previously completed the Loading Data into MapR Hive guide, then you can skip to #Create a Database Connection to Hive. If not, then you will need the following datafile and perform the Create a Hive Table] instructions before proceeding.
The sample data file needed for the #Create a Hive Table instructions is:

File Name


Tab-delimited, parsed weblog data

NOTE: If you have previously completed the Using Pentaho MapReduce to Parse Weblog Data in MapR guide, then the necessary files will already be in the proper location.
This file should be placed in the /weblogs/parse directory of the CLDB using the following commands.

Code Block
hadoop fs –mkdir /weblogs
hadoop fs –mkdir /weblogs/parse
hadoop fs –put weblogs_parse.txt /weblogs/parse/part-00000

Step-By-Step Instructions


Start MapR if it is not already running.
Start Hive Server if it is not already running.

Create a Hive Table
Create a Hive Table

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Include Transforming Data within Hive
Include Transforming Data within Hive
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