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  • Using AJAX to Drive Dependent Report Parameters

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  1. Open the DependentParameterTemplate.html file in the Design Studio. If you have any trouble opening the file, right click on it in the Navigator window, and select Open With => Text Editor.
  2. The first section of code we will look at in this template is the HTML inside the <form></form> tags.
    Code Block
    <form name="parameter-form" id="parameter-form" method="POST">
        <table width="100%" style="padding:5px;">
              <td class="portlet-font">The department selections filter the positions.</td>
              <td class="portlet-font">Region: {REGION}</td>
              <td class="portlet-font">Department: {DEPARTMENT}</td>
              <td class="portlet-font">Position: {POSITIONTITLE}</td>
              <td><br/><input type="button" name="go" class="portlet-form-button" value="Run..." onClick="doForm()"/></td>
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