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Follow the instructions below to create your schema:

  1. Download Schema Workbench and unzip the Schema Workbench
  2. Create a "drivers" folder in the location where you extracted the files: C:\Pentaho\Install\workbench-\drivers
  3. Copy your JDBC driver to that folder. For example for Oracle 10g, the latest ojdbc14.jar file (found from Oracle's Web site) to that location were copied.
  4. Follow the schema_workbench.pdf documentation; it can be found in the "doc" sub-directory: C:\Pentaho\Install\workbench-\doc.
  5. The best way to learn how to create a simple schema using the Schema Workbench is to open an existing *.mondrian.xml file provided with the Pentaho Open BI Server, such as the one found in the ..\pentaho-solutions\samples\analysis directory in the solution repository.

    Note: The sample *.mondrian.xml files require you to place the Hypersonic or MySQL JDBC driver in the "drivers" directory and set up the appropriate connection URL and CLASS in Tools > Preferences section prior to opening them.

  6. Use the Mondrian Technical Guide documentation as a reference to understand what the Mondrian structures are. When developing using the GUI you can add additional elements that the Schema Workbench might not expose in the GUI.