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  • Oracle data is used in this example. Note: When using Oracle JDBC data connections make sure you use "thin" not "oci" as in: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE
  • There is one fact table and some dimension tables
  • References provide supplementation when additional information may be necessary
  • The Java application server being used is Tomcat
  • Your application server and the way Java JNDI data sources are configured may vary
  • Java 1.5 must be used for the Schema Workbench to run


  1. Go to File > Save; save the file to the Pentaho Solution repository in this structure: ..\pentaho-solutions\samples\analysis or to a directory on your local workstation, which you can then transfer to the Pentaho Solution repository on the remote BI server.
  2. Save the file as <yourfilename>.mondrian.xml>; you must specify *.mondrian.xml).
  3. Test a simple MDX query by clicking, File > New > MDX Query. A success message appears.

  4. Enter query in query window on top.
    Image Removed !mdx_query.png!

    Note: If query fails to return data then there may be an issue. Adjust the schema design accordingly and retest. Most common problems are the data types being used. It is possible for the schema to still run successfully when deployed to the Pentaho Platform.