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This document contains instructions and information that helps you evaluate Pentaho Analysis using your own data. This document can be used with version 1.6 of the Pentaho Open BI Suite. If you are using version 1.6.x, It is assumed that you are familiar with the Pentaho Design Studio and the Pentaho BI Platform. Please note that after you with version 1.7 you can still use these instructions to create the schema following these instructions, analysis schema. After you create the schema, with version 1.7, you can easily create a Pentaho Analysis View in the latest 1.7 GA release using the web base based interface available in the "Go" menu item of the PCI. That means you do not have to use the Pentaho Design Studio to create the initial view as you would with 1.6.x.  However as you become more advanced with the Pentaho Platform you can use the Pentaho Design Studio to edit manipulate the MDX created by the Pentaho Analysis Viewer and query to create some comprehensive dynamic analysis views.


Publishing Your Analysis Schema on the Pentaho BI Platform

Note: With version 1.7 of the BI Platform and the new version of Schema Workbench (workbench- you can easily publish your schema this way, click here 

Follow the instructions below to publish your analysis schema: