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Note: More extensive and up to date information about plug-in development can be found within the documentation Extend Pentaho Data the PDI SDK in "Embedding and Extending PDI Functionality"

In General 

Basics for Plug-In development (until 2.5.x)


  • StepMetaInterface: it defines the metadata and takes care of XML representation, saving loading from/to repository, checks, etc.
  • StepInterface: makes the step execute: inherit from BaseStep to make your life easier.
  • StepDataInterface: holds open cursors, resultsets, files, etc.
  • StepDialogInterface: GUI/dialog code to edit the meta-data

Don't get too creative when naming these classes. Spoon expects the metadata class name to end in "Meta" and the dialog class name to end in "Dialog", with the same prefix. So if your metadata object is called MyStepMeta, your dialog class will have to be called MyStepDialog. StepMetaInterface.getDialogClassName() is used only for finding the package, not the class name itself.