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Sql Script



Used for bursting and similar tasks



Quarz Quartz

Database which is the main pentaho scheduler (think about it as a cron-like tool that stores its cron jobs in the database)




The persistence layer used by pentaho



sampladata sampledata

If you are on production you may not need it, but you will need it for demonstration and seeing what is new in Pentaho.




Code Block
tomcat@anfatech:~$ psql -U tomcat -d hibernate < hibernate.sql
tomcat@anfatech:~$ psql -U tomcat -d quartz < quarzquartz.sql
tomcat@anfatech:~$ psql -U tomcat -d shark < shark.sql
tomcat@anfatech:~$ psql -U tomcat -d hibernate < sampledata.sql

Now your PostgreSQL should be ready. The next step is to configure the datasources required to access the data.

You can these are my samples for jboss I will add tomcat context.xml in the near future (???)use my settings as an example: PentahoDoc:samples for jboss

 sorry for the dead link (my homepage has been token over) now i uploaded the templates to the wiki so they should be fine there!

Configuring pentaho's datasources for Tomcat 5.5.x and Higher, using context.xml

if you plan to deploy on tomcat then you better use what tomcat offers you:

instead of messing with config files in conf/server.xml  or even worse creating a file under $CATALINA_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/yourApplication.xml

you could use what tomcat expects in your Application archive

Code Block

|   `-- context.xml  <---(***1***)
    `-- web.xml

(**1*): this file "context.xml" will be processed by tomcat *at deployment time and if you define your datasources there, tomcat
will do the necessary configurations for you.

An example of a valid context.xml file should be looking like the following one:

Code Block

<Context     path="/pentaho"
               docBase="path/to/pentaho" <---(***2***)
    <Resource   name="jdbc/Quartz"
    You can add as many datasources as you need here


(**2**) : if you deploy your application to tomcat default webapps so your docbase shoud be like the following one:

Code Block


when you finished creating your context.xml you can then package your war and deploy it to tomcat. the context.xml of your application will get converted to applicationName.xml for the application name pentaho as shown above the resulting file will be this one:

Code Block


if your database are correctly set and everything went fine pentaho should be able to access the databases using the datasource defined in the context.xml

Make sure your driver is in the right location and startup your application server where Pentaho is deployed into.

Configuring the Quartz Scheduler: