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  1. Configure your RDBMS JNDI data source for your Java application server so that the Pentaho BI Platform accesses the desired data version 1.7
    Or in version 2.0 use the Admin Console to easily configure your data source (recommended)
  2. Create your Pentaho Analysis Schema Model using Schema Workbench
  3. Publish your Pentaho Analysis Schema Model to the Pentaho BI Server
  4. Create the Pentaho Analysis View Action Sequence
  5. Execute the Pentaho Analysis view using a Web browser  


Pentaho Version 2.0 configuring your data source click here <-- NEW

Pentaho Version 1.7 configuring your RDBMS JNDI data source on your application server

Use the resources listed below to find instructions for configuring your RDBMS JNDI data source:

Other: Refer to your Java application server's documentation on how to configure JNDI data sources


Creating  Creating your Pentaho Analysis Schema Using the Schema Workbench


Note: With version 1.7 of the BI Platform and the new version of Schema Workbench (workbench- you can easily publish your schema this way, click here 

Follow the instructions below to publish your analysis schema: