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Bar Chart


The bar chart plots a set of values as bars for each series in the given dataset.

Dataset Guidelines

This chart expects its data as a categorical dataset.

Required Properties

The only property a bar chart requires is the appropriate chart-type.

Code Block

The example below contains the full set of additional supported properties with comments on its purpose and valid values.  It is recommended that new users start with this example as a starting place for building your first flash chart.


The following chart definition will produce the chart in the example below.

Code Block

  <!-- Define the chart type -->

  <!-- Specify the title of the chart -->
  <title>Chart Title</title>

  <!-- General Chart Attributes -->
  <orientation>vertical</orientation>  <!-- valid values: vertical, horizontal -->
  <is-stacked>false</is-stacked>  <!-- set to true for a stacked bar -->
  <is-glass>false</is-glass>  <!-- set to true to apply the 'glass' style to bars -->
  <is-sketch>false</is-sketch>  <!-- set to true to apply the 'sketch' style to bars -->
    <!-- additional properties specific to sketch charts -->
    <fun-factor>10</fun-factor>  <!-- defines the messiness of bars, 0-2 tame, 3-6 pretty fun, 7+ lots of fun -->
    <outline-color-palette>  <!-- defines the colors to use for outlines of bars -->

  <!-- General Chart Formatting Properties -->
  <chart-background type="color">#FFFFFF</chart-background>
  <plot-background type="color">#FFFFFF</plot-background>
  <alpha>.70</alpha>  <!-- sets the transparency level of bars -->

  <!-- Define what to display in hover tips -->
  <!-- <tooltip> -->
    <!-- #top# -->
    <!-- #bottom# -->
    <!-- #val# -->
    <!-- #x_label# -->
    <!-- #key# -->
  <!-- </tooltip> -->

  <!--  X-Axis properties (domain)-->
  <domain-title>Domain Title</domain-title>
  <domain-color>#000000</domain-color>  <!-- color of x-axis -->
  <domain-grid-color>#FFFFFF</domain-grid-color>  <!-- color of vertical grid lines -->
  <domain-stroke>1</domain-stroke>  <!-- thickness of the x-axis -->

  <!--  Y-Axis properties (range) -->
  <range-title>Range Title</range-title>
  <range-minimum></range-minimum>  <!-- defines minimum starting point for y-axis -->
  <range-maximum></range-maximum>  <!-- defines maximum ending point for y-axis -->
  <range-color>#000000</range-color>  <!-- color of y-axis -->
  <range-grid-color>#EAEAEA</range-grid-color>  <!-- color of horizontal grid lines -->
  <range-stroke>1</range-stroke>  <!-- thickness of y-axis -->
  <range-steps>6</range-steps>  <!-- specify number of ticks, defaults to auto-calculated number -->

  <!-- Specify the color palette for the chart -->


Example with Orientation set to 'horizontal':

Example with is-glass set to 'true':

Example with is-3D set to 'true':

Example with is-sketch set to 'true' (fun factor = 10):