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{include:COM:StyleInclude} *Welcome to the Pentaho Community wiki.* This wiki contains documentation and information for the Pentaho Open Source BI Suite Community Edition (CE).  The suite includes [ETL||Kettle], [OLAP analysis||Mondrian], [metadata||Common Warehouse Metamodel], [data mining||Weka], [reporting||JFreeReport], [dashboards||Community Dashboard Framework] and a [platform||Pentaho BI Platform] that allows you to create complex solutions to business problems.  The Pentaho community is an extraordinary group of people with many different talents who are dedicated to delivering a complete, well integrated, and high quality suite of business intelligence software.  By using Pentaho CE software, you *are* also participating in the Pentaho community and contributing to an [open source|] project.
*Expectations* \- If you are unfamiliar with open source, [this article|] is a good place to start.  The open source community thrives on participation and cooperation.  There are several communication channels available where people can help you, but they are not obligated to do so.  You are responsible for your own success which will require time, effort and a small amount technical ability.  If you prefer to have a relationship with a known vendor who will answer questions over the phone, help you during your evaluation and support you in production; please visit [|].
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*This account is only required if you are contributing documentation to the wiki.  Forum sign-up is still active []*
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|*Project Home*|*Documentation*|*How To*|*Forum*|*FAQ*|*Tracker*|
|[*Kettle*||Pentaho Data Integration]|[Home|EAI:|Documentation Home] - [es|EAIes:|Spanish Doc] [ko|EAIko:|Korean Doc] [ru|EAIru:|Russian Doc]|[Tech Tips|COM:Pentaho Data Integration Articles]|[User||User forum] - [Dev||Developer Forum]|[FAQ|EAI:Frequently Asked Questions|Frequently Asked Questions]|[JIRA|]|
|[*BI Platform*||BI Server and Platform]|[Home|ServerDoc2x:|Documentation Home] - [Old|ServerDoc1x:|Legacy Documentation - Pre 2.0]|[Tech Tips|COM:Pentaho Platform and Solution Articles]|[Forum||User and Developer forum]|[FAQ||Frequently Asked Questions]|[JIRA|]|
|[*Mondrian*||Pentaho Analysis]|[Home||Documentation Home] - [Wiki|analysis:Pentaho Analysis Community Documentation|Wiki Documentation]|[Tech Tips|COM:Pentaho Analysis Articles]|[User||User forum] - [Dev||Developer Forum]|[FAQ||Frequently Asked Questions]|[JIRA|]|
|[*Reporting*||Pentaho Reporting and embedded report engine (JFreeReport)]|[Home||Documentation Home]|[Tech Tips|COM:Pentaho Reporting Articles]|[Forum Home||Classic engine, Flow Engine, Designer and Ad Hoc Forums]|[FAQ||Frequently Asked Questions]|[JIRA|]|
|[*Weka*||Data Mining]|[Home|DATAMINING:|Documentation Home]|[Tech Tips|]|[Forum||User and Developer forum]|[FAQ||Frequently Asked Questions]|[JIRA|]|
|[*CDF*||Community Dashboard Framework]|[Home|COM:Community Dashboard Framework|Documentation Home]|[Gallery|COM:Gallery]|[Forum||User and Developer forum]|[FAQ|COM:FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]|[JIRA|]|
|[*CBF*|COM:CBF - Community Build Framework|Community Build Framework]|[Home|COM:CBF - Community Build Framework|Documentation Home]| | |[FAQ|COM:CBF - Community Build Framework#CBF-CommunityBuildFramework-FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]| |
|[*Analysis Tool*||PAT - Pentaho Analysis Tool]|[Home||Documention Home] - [Wiki|COM:Pentaho Analysis Tool|Wiki Documentation]| |[Forum||Pentaho Forum] - [Dev||Developer's Group on Google] - [User||User's Group on Google]| |[JIRA|]|
|[*Flash Charts*||Pentaho Flash Charts]|[Home||Documention Home]| |[Dev||Developer Group on Google]| |[Google||Issues on Google Code]|
|[*Commons*||Common components used throughout the Suite]|[Wiki|]| | | |[JIRA|] |
|[*Data Access*||Pentaho Data Access - Easy access to data throughout the Pentaho Suite]|[Wiki|]||||

* *[Downloads|Community Edition Downloads|Download Released Builds]* - Get the code
* *[CI Builds||Continuous Integration Server]* - Last Dev Build (unstable)
* *[FAQ||Frequently Asked Questions]* - List of FAQs
* *[Community Forums|]* - Ask questions
* *IRC* ##pentaho - Live Chat
* *[Community Events]* - Collaborate
* *[Demos and more|PRESALESPORTAL:Pre-Sales Consulting Portal]* - Magic from pre-sales
* *[JIRA||Case Tracking System]* - Report bugs, track changes
* *[Case Tracking Process|]* - More detail
* *[Wiki Doc Guide|COM:How to Write Great Wiki Pages]* - Writing great pages
* *[Java Doc||Java Documentation for latest release]* - API documentation
* *[Ways to Contribute|COM:How to Contribute]* - Get involved
* *[Contribution Process|COM:Pentaho Contribution Process]* - How to contribute
* *[Active Contributors|COM:Pentaho Active Contributor]* - Be a rock star
* *[Open Projects|COM:Open Project Ideas]* - Fun sized projects
* *[Community Logo|COM:Community Logo]* - Show your support
* *[Engineering|PEOpen:]* - Development resources
* *[UI Design|PMOPEN:User Experience, Usability and User Interface Design]* - Pixel Management
* *[Bee Keeper|BEEKEEPER:]* - Pentaho open source model
* *[Open Scrum|OpenScrum:]* - Pentaho Dev model